Bill Almon

Bill Almon

Have you ever seen a fire burning and wondered what happened?  Bill Almon did, and in 1994 he entered the fire service and began his journey to learning the answer of what happened. 

Bill Almon was born on May 18, 1976, in Roanoke, Alabama.  He grew up in Franklin, Tennessee where he became interested in firefighting and baseball.  These interest were encouraged by his parents which drove him to excel.  He graduated High School in 1994, and immediately pursued a firefighting career.  He achieved an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science from Volunteer State Community College. Later, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.  All while working full-time jobs as a Fire Suppression System Technician and Firefighter. 


In 1998, Bill began working for the Franklin Fire Department, Franklin, Tennessee.  He serves the citizens of Franklin as Fire Lieutenant, assigned to the Suppression division where he is charged with responsibilities of firefighting, fire investigations and fire inspections.  Since 2009, he has been the co-owner of Fire-Tek.  Fire-Tek offers fire extinguisher, fire system, and fire investigations services.  Mr. Almon has tailored his investigation expertise to fixed fire extinguishing systems, specifically commercial kitchen fire system origin and cause determination and system analysis.   

Mr. Almon holds certifications as a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI), Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI).  Bill is also a Certified Fire Inspector and Hazardous Materials Technician.  He is a licensed Fixed Fire Extinguisher Specialist in the State of Tennessee and holds multiple fire system manufacture certifications.  Bill is also a Fire Instructor and has taught multiple fire investigation and fire suppression classes through the Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy.  Bill has received multiple recognitions for successful fire investigations and lives saved throughout his career. 

Since entering the fire protection service in 1994, Bill Almon has dedicated himself to continuing his education and accepting challenges.  Bill utilizes his work ethics, dedication and loyalty to the fire industry to find the truth and answer the “What happened” question.  As his career continues his education and expertise continues to grow.