Greg Carrell

Greg Carrell

Greg Carrell began his public safety career in 1983 when he left chemical engineering school to take a job as a police officer in his hometown of St. James, Missouri in 1983.  Always interested in fire investigation, he became a volunteer firefighter and certified fire investigator.

He rose to the rank of Sergeant before taking a position with the Missouri Division of Fire Safety (Office of the State Fire Marshal) in 1986 as an investigator assigned to the northwest quarter of the state.

In his 30 years with the State Fire Marshal’s office, he has served as an investigator and an accelerant detection canine handler.  He has taken part in nearly 2,500 investigations involving local, state and federal fire and law enforcement agencies.

He was promoted in 2005 to the position of Assistant State Fire Marshal until May of 2014 when he was appointed the Acting State Fire Marshal, a position he currently holds.

The State Fire Marshal’s office is a law enforcement and regulatory agency having authority over fireworks, blasting and explosives, elevators, amusement rides, fire standard compliant cigarette registration, the National Fire Incident Reporting System, commercial boilers and pressure vessels.  The Fire Marshal’s office is charged with the tasks of investigating fires and explosions as well as inspection of child care, mental health and residential care facilities.

The State Fire Marshal’s office also certifies 30 levels of training for responders through two international accreditation programs.

Fire Marshal Carrell is certified as a Fire Investigator, Inspector, Fire Instructor II, Firearms Instructor and a law enforcement officer.